Contrary to popular opinion, selling a house will not depend solely on the pricing.  It will also depend on the location, design, presentation, and marketing among other things. These factors are all co-dependent, and if you do everything right you might just sell the home within a couple of weeks. If you are doing for the first time, you are bound to make multiple mistakes. The safest and fastest way to sell your property is through a real estate agent. Even so, your main role is to make the house look more appealing for the customers. You will have to make a few changes here and there to make the property look modern, homey and unique.

Here are some of the things you can do to make the property appealing.

Clear all the clutter

You can present a cluttered home on an open house; it will look dirty, mall and undesirable.  They small and untidy look is not a good reputation to your potential customers. Start by getting rid of all the excess and unwanted stuff that makes your home look bulky. You can sell dome of those items in a garage sell or choose to give them away. Don’t stuff them in the basement or attic because the buyer is bound to check the whole house at some point.. Clearing the excess stuff will make the house bigger and more spacious

Fix al the imperfections

Even though some things may seem unnoticeable, they are not to potential clients and other agents. Fix all the broken parts of the house, replace the door and the door knobs, and replace some parts of the floor and the broken ceiling to make the house more appealing.  You can hire professionals to help you review the home and look for all the details that need changing.  Prioritise on the kitchen and the bathroom; these are some of the places buyers seem to pay more attention to. Replace the tiles in the bathroom walls and the kitchen sink to make the house look newer.

Hire professionals to clean the home

Living in a house for a long time has its own impact. You won’t miss some permanent stains here and there around the home.  If cleaning is not in your filed of expertise, you are definitely going to do a terrible job. Hiring professionals will save you both time and energy. They will do a deep cleaning of the home and take out all the permanent stains to make your home clean and stainless.  

Depersonalising is important

By depersonalising, you are making the house look less homey.  When potential buyers inspect the home, they want an experience that will give them a glimpse of how the house will look like if they move in. Stumbling across personal items like photographs, paintings and trophies will make this experience much harder for them. for open houses, store away all the personal items to bury all the distractions.

Final word

First impressions can tell a lot about your home. the curb appeal is the first thing buyers will see when they walk into your house during the open house. ensure it looks natural, de-cluttered and full of light to appeal to clients..